The long rumored Google Drive is now live.  5 GB of free Google hosted storage.  At the same time, Miscrosoft has finally gotten of their asses and given proper desktop support to Skydrive.  Skydrive, if you were previously using Skydrive you can upgrade to 25GB for free.

Both of these are fantastic deals… or… they would be…

At this time, it seems Google Drive is not fully supported by Apps accounts.  Like Google Plus, Apps users get left in the cold.  It seems to work for some people though so it may simply be not turned up for everyone yet.

Skydrive, meanwhile, doesn’t support Windows XP.  It apparently also has issues with Vista as well.  They seem to really want to use it to push Windows 7 & 8, which would be less pathetic if Windows 8 weren’t a festering pile of shit.

I have found at least one page suggesting XP support may come eventually, so there’s “hope”.

At this point, I’ve just got a bad taste from the excitement and then let down of BOTH products.

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