Music for 09/22 to 09/28

I went through and added some plug ins on Firefox and got a 3rd party scrobbler for recently to better track my music listening. Hopefully it works better, the straight Scrobbler doesn’t capture YouTube or Amazon Music.

Anyway, highlights for the week with some top listings.

For top artists, not really a surprise, Sigrid is on top for the week. Sigrid has kind of been my obsession lately for music. She is already in my top ten overall after 3 months and I am going to a show in a few weeks.

Come hot in second place is Alice Merton. I’ve had No Roots in my Youtube rotation for a while but recently added some other tracks to my Amazon Music playlist.

When picking out some Alice Merton tracks, I also threw in some random Aurora tracks. Several folks on the Sigid fan Discord have recommended Aurora so I though I would have her a try.

In 4th is Raffaella. Raffaella has been touring alongside Sigrid in the US. I don’t know much about her and she only seems to have one song available on Amazon.

Dua Lipa and Kiezsa are both ones I listened to earlier in the year, but I have been trying to work them back into rotation again.

Next up, individual tracks.

I have been listening to most of Sigrid’s Sucker Punch album, but realized I didn’t have Raw, which is on of my favorite tracks. So there’s been a bit of binging there. Why So Serious by Alive Merton is quickly surpassing No Roots as my favorite track by her. Balaclava is the one track available for Raffaella and I Went to Far from Aurora is just, the track I liked the most from Aurora so far.

For non music, I also listened to podcasts, East Meets West, 376 and 377, Windows Weekly 639, and This Week in Tech 737.