All New All Different! (All the Same)

So, after trying a stint on another blogging platform that went nowhere and then later completed destroying my web server, I’ve moved this blog back to WordPress.

For a while I was using Known.  By using I mean, I transferred a couple of posts and never published anything with it ever.  There’s a variety of reasons this didn’t work out for me.  I’m not super keen on the whole “backend on the front” writing model, where the “new post box” is right there.  It’s also mildly confusing to use, at least as it’s intended.  I kind of like the idea of the “Indy Web” with it’s whole decentralized bits but I don’t know anyone else using it, so I don’t get any benefit from most of it, and it’s all essentially just Trackback URLs anyway.  There was also the promise of being able to post to the Known blog and have it syndicate out, but the syndicate out part seems to be some sort of paid add on and there doesn’t seem to be any way to syndicate into the Known Blog.  Maybe all of this is wrong maybe it’s changed, essentially, it just didn’t really jive with me so I’ve dropped it.

I can do most of what I want as far as keeping a central repository of my web activity using WordPress and a combination of RSS and IFTTT channels anyway.

I also had to reset everything on the web server anyway, as mentioned above in the Blogging Intensifies post.  Something went wrong in the file copy and so I lost the database for this website.  I had a backup from a few months ago, I have not posted anything anyway, but I also had pruned pretty much everything out.  I also have everything archived off on a private WordPress Install on my NAS.

This blog still doesn’t have a focus and knowing my recent track record, I’ll post this post and then nothing for 3 years.  But it’s here and it’s back and it’s not really anything new.

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