Reading list for 10-17-16

The Brothers Brick – LEGO reveals largest Modular Building yet, 10255 Assembly Square, to celebrate the line’s 10th anniversary [News]

The Brothers Brick – What is dead may never die | Greyjoy stronghold from Game of Thrones in LEGO

Raspberry Pi Blog – Raspberry Pi – Learn C in our brand new MagPi Essentials book!

Techmeme – Google News rolls out “fact check” tag for stories on web and mobile apps, starting in the US and UK (Jemima Kiss/Guardian)

Motherboard – Bill Nye Has a Message for America

Privacy Online News – Why PIA doesn’t fly a warrant canary: it’s solving the wrong problem

The Brick Fan – LEGO Ideas The Beatles Yellow Submarine (21306) Officially Announced – New Rogue One Poster!

Blogging to Nowhere – My Self-Hosted Life

Motherboard – Fact-Checking Trump: Are Canadians Swarming the Border to Get Better Healthcare?

Motherboard – Kites Could Soon Power An Entire Region of Scotland

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