Reading list for 11-07-16

Motherboard – Blizzard Is Recreating ‘Diablo 1’ in ‘Diablo 3,’ and It’s Pissing Players Off

Transformer World 2005 – TFW2005.COM – Hasbro Invites Consumers To Submit Product Ideas

Motherboard – ‘Second Life’ Creator Wants Everyone to Be Able to Make Their Own VR Experiences

Featured News articles – Go Premium for 50% Off* & Enjoy Our Newest Perks, Plus an Exclusive Gift!

Techmeme – Apple says it killed the SD card slot because the cards stick halfway (Tom Warren/@tomwarren)

The Brothers Brick – LEGO City sets for 2017 revealed [News]

Motherboard – Why Humanoid Robots Are Invading Our Movies and TV – LastPass Makes Multi-Device Access Free to All

Privacy Online News – Israel’s Ministry of Communications: “no content on the internet should be pre-filtered”

Push Square | Latest Updates – November’s Free PlayStation Plus Games Are Available Now

Transformer World 2005 – TFW2005.COM – Generation 1 Transport to Oblivion original recording audio – including unused dialogue!

Consumerist – Guy Dresses As 12-Foot CVS Receipt, Redeems Costume’s Discount Code At Actual CVS

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